Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Ag Story

As more and more individuals become farther removed from a farm there becomes a great disconnect between the average consumer and agriculture. Do consumers really know how their food is produced and where it comes from? There is a good chance many consumers misunderstand or have been misinformed on the topics of how and where their food is produced. Due to this disconnect there has been a strong movement of agriculture advocacy as of late. One piece of this advocacy was the production of the film Farmland to tell agriculture's story. This past week we had a screening of Farmland at Hawkeye Community College. The film sparked great discussion after viewing and the conversations that followed were rich in agriculture education. I encourage you to check out the film if you have not had a chance. Check out the Farmland website where you can view trailers and find information on how to view the film.

Discussion Points

  1. What is agriculture advocacy?
  2. Why is agriculture advocacy so important?
  3. How does one advocate for agriculture? What are the different ways to tell the story of agriculture?
  4. How has agriculture advocacy changed over the years?
  5. Do you see agriculture advocacy taking place in your local community? Elaborate on your response.

Further Agricultural Education Challenge

Challenge students to become advocates for agriculture! Create groups of 3 to 4 students. Each group is given the task to tell the great story of agriculture. As a group they must create 3 pieces. They will work together to create a poster, press release for a local paper, and a thirty second radio advertisement to share the benefits of agriculture and the great things happening.

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