Sunday, January 4, 2015

Iowans Fill Haitian Restaurant

It was a great relaxing Sunday in Haiti! We started off watching some children singing in Sunday School and then joined the community for church. We were blown away by the beautiful singers from Haiti and South Dakota. JeanJean shared a great message of getting an education and doing something with it.

After church we headed into the town of Pignon for lunch. We ate at a nice cozy restaurant where we ran into another group from Iowa. Between the two Iowa groups we filled the restaurant and shared great conversation. Following lunch we stopped by a hospital and were able to see how health care works in Haiti. On our way back to Caiman we stopped off at a shack distilling molasses from sugar cane into alcohol that will be sent to Port au Prince and turned into rum.

When we got back to Caiman we had a nice discussion regarding Haitian Agriculture while enjoying ice cold Coke and Sprite under a shade tree. Next we hiked to a cave where the locals collect guano to utilize as fertilizer.

We wrapped up the evening enjoying dinner with a group from South Dakota State University who are with us for the week as they are doing mission work in the area. They even treated us to some swing dancing. Once again check out the Facebook page for pictures from the day.

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