Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tales from the Rooftop

It was another great day in Haiti that started on the roof of the university and wrapped up there as well. We kicked things off by scouting out places to mount sensors for a weather station that will collect weather data to be shared by the students at UCCC and Hawkeye. The roof of the university turned out to be a perfect place with spectacular views. Shortly after 9:00 AM we met with the agriculture students one final time. We had an in depth discussion on American agriculture and wrapped up the morning analyzing soil test results from Wednesday and discussing practices to improve soil nutrition.

After lunch the Hawkeye students went to the elementary to help with English class while Dave and I went to the computer lab to replace some computer drives with educational resources for the students of UCCC. After that we finished mounting the sensors for the weather station. Next we loaded up and headed to Saul's farm to see an orange grove, plantains, papayas, along with other various crops growing.

Next we returned to campus where we were able to take in a soccer game between two of the local villages. From there we made our way to the roof top of the university once more to take in the views of Haiti and watch the sun set behind the mountains. Shortly after supper we were treated to an amazing performance by a men's choir from the area. We concluded a great day meeting with JeanJean and Kristie reflecting on our past week in Haiti. Tomorrow will be a long day of travel as we prepare to return home.

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