Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sampling for Solutions

Today was a spectacular day with the Haitian students of UCCC! We started off with a question and answer session with the students of UCCC regarding agriculture in the United States. The students from Hawkeye did an excellent job sharing practices utilized on their home farms. After our time in the classroom we made our way outside to analyze the soil profile. From there we made our way to the school gardens where students showcased their plots. Each student is given an area to grow crops of their choice. They also get to choose spacing, fertilizer plans, and other practices to compare with each other. The work they are doing is outstanding!

After lunch we returned to the university to have an orientation, led by the students of Hawkeye, on soil sampling. From there we took to the gardens in three separate groups to pull soil samples from each students plot. We decided we were sampling for solutions. Over the last couple days the emphasis from the students is we need to talk about the solutions not the problem! At the conclusion of our sampling session we handed the probes over to the agriculture department at UCCC for future use. Tomorrow we will be testing our samples.

Next we returned to our tractor from Monday. With some oil, fresh fuel, and a little work we had the tractor running! To celebrate we returned to campus and enjoyed fried chicken and mashed potatoes. After dinner we had a discussion on voodoo and how it has affected Haiti as a country both economically and socially.

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