Thursday, January 22, 2015

Enough Protein?

Watch the short video below from Elanco that shines light on the growing demand for protein globally and facts regarding production of meat, milk, and eggs. Then use the discussion points and activity below.

Discussion Points and Activity

  1. Have students/group create a list of the points made throughout the video.
    1. What point surprised you the most? Why?
    2. What point made poses the greatest challenge? Why?
  2. Agriculture Education Activity
    1. Split students up into groups of 3-4.
    2. Have each group develop a plan to increase meat, milk, and egg production in a sustainable manner. Encourage students to think outside of the box and assume they have no financial restrictions.
    3. Allow groups approximately 10 minutes to develop their plan and create a poster outlining their plan.
    4. At the conclusion have each group share their plan and discuss options as a class.

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