Thursday, February 5, 2015

Global Food Security from Australia

The video clip below from Rabobank Australia focuses on the demand we are putting on the earth and farmers to produce and preserve enough food for our growing world. I challenge you to watch and then discuss the questions below with others! Agriculture Educators encourage your students to jot down notes as they watch to aid in discussion.

Discussion Questions

  1. What points from the video did you find surprising or alarming and why?
  2. What factors did the video attribute to increased food demand? Be specific.
  3. How does food waste impact hunger around the world? How does it differ in developed regions versus developing regions?
  4. What has happened with productivity gain of major food commodities over the past couple years? Explain.
  5. Who is all involved in solving food security issues?
  6. It is obvious that countries around the globe understand the needs and challenges facing a food secure world. How do we break down barriers and work together as global citizens (not competing countries) to achieve this?

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