Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fake Pesticides Harming India

Counterfeit pesticides are causing an array of challenges and issues in India. From harming crops to human health the results are not good. Linked below is an article that discusses the challenges that India is facing regarding fake pesticides. Utilize the discussion points below to guide discussions in your classrooms and around the globe!

Fake Pesticides Endanger Crops and Health

Discussion Points

  • What are the negative effects of the distribution of fake pesticides to the following areas?
    • Crops
    • Production throughout the country
    • Health
    • Society
  • What penalties are in place in India to combat the sale/distribution of fake pesticides?
  • How could the sale of fake pesticides in India affect other countries and policies around the globe?
  • The overuse of pesticides was mentioned in this article. What practices are utilized around the world to diminish the overuse of pesticides?

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