Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Global Food Security: Why Science Matters

The middle of October the Global Agriculture Learning Center at Hawkeye Community College hosted David Lambert as he presented his lecture "A Closer Look at Global Food Security: Why Science Matters" as part of the World Food Prize Lecture Series. David hit on many of hot topics relating to global food security ranging from climate change to child nutrition. Linked below is David's lecture. It is about 45 minutes in length. Unfortunately, David passed away just a few days after sharing his lecture with us. In his honor I encourage you to share his lecture with others and start discussion around global food security.

David Lambert's Lecture

Discussion Points (Feel free to share these points and questions ahead of time to guide notes while watching.)

  • Why should we even care about hunger around the world?
  • What does hunger look like in the United States and around the world? What facts surprised you?
  • What role does science play in global food security?
  • Explain the concept behind "1,000 Days."
  • What does agriculture's global footprint look like?
  • What facts were shared regarding climate change?
  • What has history and science said about the safety of biotechnology and genetically modified foods? Explain.
  • How does food loss and waste factor into global food security?
  • David shared the best policy solutions for global food security. Which policy/policies that he shared do you feel has the biggest potential for a positive impact and why?

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