Thursday, November 19, 2015

China Company Interested in Syngenta and Others

We take a look at an article discussing the interest of ChemChina to purchase Swiss based Syngenta. China for years has been trying to get it's hand on GMO (genetically modified organisms) seeds. They have gone to great lengths to do so. They may be closer than ever now to doing so with the possible purchase of Syngenta and other seed companies. Read the linked article and use the discussion points below to guide your conversations.

China's Hunger for GMO Seeds

Discussion Points

  • Why is ChemChina so interested in purchasing Syngenta?
  • Why is China's president, Jinping, in such great support of the possible acquisition?
  • What other companies is ChemChina interested in purchasing and why?
  • What could the acquisition of Syngenta by ChemChina mean for:
    • China?
    • your home country?
    • for the rest of the world?

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