Thursday, December 3, 2015

Climate Change is Here

Many have heard about the recent global talks on climate change that are taking place in Paris. In the past some have argued the validity of climate change and a warming planet, but as science has shown our world is warming and many are starting to take note. The linked article takes a look at how climate change is effecting food supply and chains around the globe. Use the discussion points provided to guide your conversations.

Big Food Feels the Threat of Climate Change

Discussion Points

  • How is climate change impacting farmers in the state of Vermont in the United States? How could this in-turn impact the consumer?
  • What is happening in Ethiopia in regards to climate change and farming?
  • How is Mars Inc., producer of candy, being effected by climate change?
  • Why is Mars not immediately concerned about the effects of climate change on production of chocolate, but more concerned for the farmers on a local level? What are they doing to help?
  • Why is it important that large companies are joining together and demanding something be done in regards to climate change?
  • Have you seen climate and weather pattern changes in your home area? If so, how has this affected agriculture? In not, why is this the case?

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