Thursday, June 19, 2014

Danish Trade and Market Regulations

This morning we made our way to Copenhagen via train. We arrived to Copenhagen shortly after noon and made our way to meet with the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. Over lunch we discussed Danish Agriculture and got into many hot topics being discussed in legislation and trade in agriculture as it relates to Denmark and the European Union. We got into discussions on GMO's and the EU's view. It was stated every time the EU tests GMO's they are safe and they do not see the EU banning GMO crops. When it comes down to it European's buying habits are the same as the rest of the world: "They want a cheap food supply." We also had a very interesting discussion relating to the longevity of the EU and it's future role.

After our time with the Danish Agriculture and Food Council we checked in at our hotel before exploring the city of Copenhagen. We took a boat tour of the city and enjoyed a walk through the pedestrian area. For dinner we made our way to Tivoli which is the oldest amusement park in the world. We enjoyed a great dinner and time visiting Tivoli. In the morning we will board a plane for home. It is hard to believe that our time in Denmark is coming to a close.

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