Sunday, June 22, 2014

Denmark: Return Home and a Further Challenge

It was an amazing time with an amazing group in Denmark! We made it back to Iowa Friday evening after a nice sprint trough the O'Hare airport in Chicago to catch our last flight. It was a week of learning that happened in both formal and informal settings. We had numerous tours and presentations scheduled that gave us an overall picture of what Danish Agriculture is all about. The informal learning can make some of the biggest impressions on us and this happened while gathered around the dinner table or an impromptu coffee break along side the road that spilled over into a roadside field.

In a discussion that I had with one of our hosts, Henrik, we discussed the two main purposes for taking part in a study abroad experience. Here are the two reasons he shared below:
  1. To learn about the practices and ways of another country and culture.
  2. Challenge yourself to think about the way you are currently doing things in your home country. Can things be improved?
I know that all who traveled to Denmark have number one covered! Our hosts did an excellent job of showcasing Danish Agriculture. I hope that we all can take time to reflect on number two. I challenge all that traveled to Denmark to think about the practices and methods we observed abroad and reflect on agriculture here in the United States. What can we learn from our time in Denmark?

I would like to thank Henrik and Ove from the Green Academy for an awesome week! You guys are amazing! We learned so much and hope to return in the future!

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