Sunday, June 15, 2014

Friends and Seafood

Today was a day of seafood and exploring with great friends! We started the morning with a trip to the local bakery for breakfast where we all enjoyed traditional Danish baked goods. From there we loaded up the vehicles and drove down to Esbjerg where we took a ferry over to the island of Fano. When we arrived in Fano we started by exploring a line of bunkers occupied by the Germans during World War II some 75 years ago. There are 1,000's of these bunkers all along the west coast of Denmark.

After our time in the bunkers we met at Ove and Else-Marie's home in Nordby. There we relaxed and enjoyed a lunch of herring, salmon, shrimp and many sides. After lunch we made our way through Nordby and headed to the beach on the west side of Fano. We took sometime to walk the beach and into the ocean. Following our time on the beach we made our way to a small village before returning to Nordby.

In Nordby we made our way to a cozy little restaurant where we enjoyed a local fish dish called "Bakskuld." This is a flat fish that is dried, salted, and smoked. After a great dinner we boarder the ferry to return to the mainland and Green Academy.

Be sure to check out the new photos via our Facebook page. Tomorrow we will dive into Danish Agriculture visiting a packing plant and several farms.

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