Saturday, June 14, 2014

Discovering Agriculture and Aarhus

Today was a great first full day in Denmark! After a great night of sleep we met to discuss "The Danish Way" and the make up of Danish Education and the Green Academy. We heard about the term "hygge." This is a feeling that can be felt in Denmark often and is a feeling of joy, caring, and happiness with friends. "Hygge" is a great theme for our trip that we look forward to experiencing often!

Following these two presentations we took a tour of campus. We got to see many things including classrooms, greenhouses stocked with bedding plants to hydroponic tomatoes, and a variety of outdoor labs. Next we returned to the classroom for a short introduction to Danish Agriculture. For the small country size Denmark is a major player in agriculture.

After lunch we toured the Green Academy farm. This models a traditional Danish farm with livestock and crops. We got to explore all aspects of the farm. Next we made our way to downtown and old town Aarhus. We had a great time in the city before enjoying a nice steak dinner near the harbor. We wrapped up a great day with enjoying dessert and visiting in our lounge area.

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