Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Day of Recreation in Brazil

We were a little worried when the day started out as it began with rain. We loaded up in the rain and left Goiania for Caldas Novas where there is a Hot Park Waterpark. Thankfully the rain stopped while we traveled to the Hot Park. The water is naturally heated by the earth and has many pools, slides, lazy rivers, etc. Some took advantage of the thrill rides while others took it easy. The day at the Hot Park ended with a great sand volleyball match.

When our time concluded at the Hot Park we made our way to Intumbiara and got checked into the Hotel. After getting settled in we walked to a nice pizza restaurant. Our walk took us along the river which is filled with recreational activities. We enjoyed a delicious pizza dinner and visited with two agronomists who will be with us over the next couple days. They shared pest problems and yield numbers with us. We look forward to continued conversations.

As we walked back to the hotel we stopped to watch some three on three soccer. Before you knew it the Brazilians had invited us to play. It was evident that most of us where not on their level, but it was still a lot of fun! Look forward to getting back to the fields over the next couple days.


Cassidy Johnson said...

How many different countries have you visited? Where is your favorite place to take students? When you take students to different places what do you think is the most important things to show them? Should a trip be all educational the entire time, or should you take time to explore the towns and learn about the local culture? C.R.J-Somonauk

Brad Kinsinger said...

I have visited and we have partnerships in Brazil, Denmark, Haiti, and Nicaragua. (And always looking for new opportunities.) I don't know that I have a favorite to take students or groups to as they are all so different and offer different perspectives. Obviously education related to agriculture is a key focus of all, but we always have time for cultural experiences as this is important and sometimes helps understand agriculture practices as well.

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