Saturday, January 7, 2017

Shopping, Recreation, and a Concert in Haiti

Today marked our last full day in Haiti. We kicked off our Saturday by traveling to Pignon (about 7 miles from Caiman). This is a larger market than students have been able to visit in the past. This market was definitely an eye opening experience for many. The market is very crowded and you can purchase about anything and everything. They were selling clothing, jewelry, crops, livestock, meat, and much more. Before we left the market we stepped into a brick oven bakery to see how they make the delicious bread we enjoy. It is a very labor intensive process as they run the dough through a press (hand operated by two people) numerous times.

Following lunch we had an hour so we split into two groups and delivered rice and beans to a couple more families. After our deliveries were complete we started our hike to visit a local cave. The cave is utilized to collect guano to use as fertilizer on farmers gardens. When we arrived at the cave we started exploring. Some explored more than others. The crew that explored in depth got to work on their rock climbing skills! Upon returning to campus several took the opportunity to enjoy one final sunset in Haiti.

Following dinner tonight we were treated to a performance by the men's choir and even got the opportunity to sing one song with them. A small group of us took one final walk around campus under the newly installed lighting. It is bittersweet as we prepare to return home tomorrow. We are excited to see family and friends, but will miss the students, people, and weather in Haiti. We look forward to a full and safe day of travels ahead.

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