Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Night Pizza and Pop

We started off the day by students working together to test soil samples from their gardens. We found many of the same results from past years. Soils often were low in nitrogen and potassium, adequate in phosphorus, and a pH above 7.5. Some of the students even brought soil samples from home to compare to their gardens to analyze different practices. We, also, had a discussion on practices to improve production.

After lunch we trekked out to deliver some rice and beans to families in need before we headed to a feeding center to distribute Christmas gifts. We took time to toss a frisbee, play games, and interact with the children at the feeding center. It is always amazing to see their faces light up, laughter had, and the interaction that can take place even though you cannot communicate through words due to language barriers. When we returned to campus we took a walk to find the professors dorms and deliver rice and beans to some additional families.

As we made our way back to campus we headed to the new third floor of the university to watch the sun set behind the mountains. We enjoyed Friday night pizza and pop under the famous tree out front of our dorm. We have had a relaxing evening of visiting and playing games as we prepare for our final full day in Haiti.

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