Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tilapia in Danger

There is a new virus that has been discovered that is causing tilapia fish to die around the world. This is affecting wild and farm raised tilapia. Linked below is an article that discusses the details behind this new virus that is having a huge impact on tilapia production and implications on feeding our world. Use the discussion points below to guide your conversations around the world in classrooms to coffee shops.

Researchers Discover New Fish Virus

Discussion Points

  • Why are talapia so important to feeding our world?
  • Explain how the talapia is truly a global fish.
  • How did researchers determine this was a new virus affecting talapia?
  • Why is it troubling that the same new virus was found so far apart throughout the world?
  • Hypothesize how the disease could have traveled so far, as it is affecting talapia in Israel and Ecuador.
  • How would you recommend to stop the spread of this new virus among talapia? 

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