Thursday, April 21, 2016

Agriculture Key to Peace

The President of Central African Republic (CAR) has made improving agriculture production and practices across CAR a priority. The linked article takes a deeper look at the importance of focusing on and improving agriculture. Look over the article linked below and strike up conversation in your communities and classrooms utilizing the discussion points provided.

Ag is Key to Achieving Lasting Peace in Central African Republic

Discussion Points

  • Explain the importance of agriculture to CAR. 
    • How much of the countries population relies on agriculture? 
    • Why is there so much potential for growth in agriculture?
  • What is needed to improve agriculture in CAR? How could this be done?
  • Why is agriculture key to peace and stability in CAR or any country for that matter?
  • What do you predict would happen if agriculture was to collapse in your home community/country?

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