Wednesday, April 13, 2016

China Key for EU Pork Producers

Pork prices have been struggling in the European Union, but there is hope ahead. Linked below is an article that discusses the many factors that have lead to declining pork prices for the EU and why there is hope ahead. Read through the linked article and utilize the discussion points to spark conversations in your classrooms and communities around the world.

Struggling EU Pig Farmers Look to China for Hope

Discussion Points

  • What has caused a decline in pork prices for the European Union?
  • Why is the demand for pork imports into China increasing?
  • What has the European Commission done to protect farmers in the EU? Does your home country have similar protection policies like this in place? Are these policies fair?
  • Why is China likely to turn to the EU, before the US to acquire additional pork imports?
  • This article tells a great story of international trade and world markets. Recently at a conference I attended the following was stated, "This isolation theory that is out there is scary for agriculture." What does this mean to you and how would isolation of a country affect it's agriculture and food supply?

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