Thursday, March 10, 2016

Reform Needed for China Agriculture

China is facing many challenges in agriculture and the agriculture minister in China is calling for some needed reform. One major issue that the agriculture minister is wanting to address is the supply of corn and policies that are in place. Linked below is an article that takes a closer look at this issue along with others. We encourage you to read through the linked article and then utilize the discussion points below to jump start conversation in your classrooms, coffee shops, and communities around the world!

China Farm Sector Needs Supply-Side Reform

Discussion Points

  • Why is the agriculture minister calling for "supply-side" reform? How could this reform affect prices and supply globally and in your local communities?
  • Explain the corn production in China and policies surrounding production over the last couple of years? What are your thoughts on what has been happening? Explain.
  • What recommendation is the agriculture minister making to increase farmers profitability while calling for reform at the same time? Does his recommendation apply to farmers around the world?
  • There are two other areas that the government is stepping in and creating law/policy for that are mentioned towards the end of the article. What are these two recommendations? Why are these recommendations important?

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