Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lab Grown Meat

This week we look at a new and controversial way to produce meat. Some scientists around the globe are working on ways to produce meat in a lab from cells. The linked article below was first printed last fall, but gives interesting insight into the task. There is a video that is included with the article that has one of the scientists explaining the process. We encourage you to look over the linked article and encourage you to start up conversations in your classrooms, communities, and around the world utilizing the discussion points below!

Team Wants to Sell Lab Grown Meat

Discussion Points

  • Explain why scientists are pushing for this. What are the benefits they shared?
  • How is this process achieved? How is lab grown meat created?
  • At this time what are the challenges/drawbacks of lab grown meat?
  • Currently how is lab grown meat similar/different than meat from animal production?
  • How do you think this method of meat production will be perceived in your local community and around the world? Be sure to explain your response. 

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