Thursday, August 27, 2015

Threat of Invasive Species

Recently talks have taken place about relaxing trade regulations and  increasing relations between Cuba and the United States. Many are excited about the possibilities of new markets, but some are concerned with the potential impact of invasive species both to the United States and Cuba. Linked below is an article that describes the potential threats and concerns of some Florida organizations and farmers. Read the article and then strike up a conversation using the discussion points below as a guide.

Warming Cuba Relations Spurs Invasive Species Debate

Discussion Points

  • Many in Florida are concerned with the treat of invasive species from Cuba. Who is concerned and why are they concerned? How do they see these invasive species arriving?
  • Invasive species are not just a concern due to trade, but there are other contributing factors. Explain the event that took place in 1988 with dessert locusts and what can be learned from this event.
  • Why could this be a possible larger concern for Cuba than the United States?
  • Do you feel there is legitimate concern? What should be done to ensure the best outcome for all involved? Support your answers.
Additional Challenge
Take a look at invasive species in your home area. Create a list of these invasive species. How did they get here and where did they come from? What is being done to help with control? Let the conversations continue!

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