Thursday, September 3, 2015

The China/United States Food Connection

Food safety has been a concern in the United States for years and these same issues are rising to the top in China as well. The article linked below takes a look at a group that got together recently to examine and discuss the relationship and possibilities shared between China and the United States as it relates to agriculture trade and food safety. After looking over the attached article use the discussion questions below to start conversation with others.

The Surprising Synergies of China and American Agriculture

Discussion Points
  • What was one of the main things that helped shape food safety regulations in the United States?
  • What/who is helping to shape China food safety policies today?
  • Explain the arable land and population relationship in China and the United States and how this can or does effect the supply chain.
  • Discuss the current supply chain in place between China and the United States as it relates to agricultural goods.
  • What do you see as the possibilities of food safety and relations between these two countries? If you are from a country other than China or the United States what does your food supply chain look like with China and/or the United States?

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