Thursday, May 14, 2015

Specialty Coffee Key to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico at one time was a powerhouse in coffee production, but over time has slipped a little. They are growing specialty coffees to get back in the game. Take a look at the linked article discussing what is happening with Puerto Rican coffee production. Below we have provided discussion points and a further research activity.

Discussion Points
  • How has Puerto Rican coffee production changed over the years? What trends have we seen?
  • What are some important growing conditions for specialty coffee production in Puerto Rico?
  • Why is specialty coffee production important to Puerto Rico?
  • Explain how coffee quality is determined?

Further Research
GALC challenges you to do the following research and discuss your findings with others:
  • Where does your home country receive most of their coffee from?
  • What does coffee production look like in your home country?

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