Thursday, April 17, 2014

World Hunger Map

World hunger issues are a constant.  We all hear the warnings that by 2050 we will have to feed over 9 billion mouths worldwide.  Today I encourage you to take a close look at world hunger with a tool provided by the World Food Programme.  Linked below you will find the World Hunger Map.  This is an interactive map that you can click on specific countries to get percent of the population undernourished and then explore factors that are contributing to this specific to each country.

World Hunger Map


Challenge your students to explore countries and have discussions in class.  You can assign students a specific country/countries and report findings to the class or have all students explore a number of countries with a high percentage of undernourished population.  After research discuss the following:

  • What are the main factors contributing to undernourishment?
  • What trends have you seen among countries and undernourishment?
  • How do we overcome these factors to feed 9 billion by 2050?

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