Thursday, April 10, 2014

South African Land Rights

Land right issues are nothing new to Africa. Land rights have been at the center of discussions for years. The article South Africa Proposal proposes how to deal with land rights in South Africa. This specific proposal awards land purchased by South Africa's Rural Development and Land Reform Ministry to farm workers with quantity awarded based on their years of work. You can be guaranteed there are two sides forming from this proposal and they are both outlined in this article.

After reading this article I encourage you to research the history of land rights in South Africa and have a discussion as a group.Here are some points to help guide discussion:
  1. What is the history of land rights in South Africa?
  2. What are the benefits/drawbacks to this proposal? Be sure to look at both sides of this argument.
  3. If you were making the decision what would you suggest and why? Keep proposal, scrap proposal, or modify it?

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