Wednesday, April 29, 2015

U.S. Asks Others to Reconsider Poultry Ban

The article U.S. Asks China to Drop Ban takes a look at the bans that are currently in place for United States poultry products in various countries including China and Mexico. The article proposes how U.S. Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, would like other countries to handle the ban of poultry. Look over the linked article and use the discussion points below to guide your conversations.

Discussion Points

  1. Explain what Secretary Vilsack is asking from other countries regarding their bans on poultry from the U.S.
  2. How does China's and Mexico's current bans differ?
  3. Do you believe China, South Korea, Mexico and other countries should handle bans as suggested by Secretary Vilsack? If the roles were reversed would the U.S. feel comfortable allowing product from a specific region while not another? Justify your responses.
  4. How will all of these events (avian flu, bans, etc.) effect the United States and Global poultry economies? What are the ramifications?

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