Wednesday, November 12, 2014

China's Record Corn Production Halts

Since 2010 China has seen record growth in corn production as a country. This past year that has slowed and production has fallen. The linked article talks about the reasons for this and the effects on Chinese farmers and the global economy. Read through the linked article and use the discussion questions below to lead your conversations with others.

China's Record Corn Harvest Run Ends

Discussion Points and Questions:

  1. The article stated that China is becoming less able to grow as much corn as it consumes. What will the effect of this be on agriculture globally?
  2. The article also shared the fact that in the last decade the China economy has exploded. What has this done to the demand of meat in China? 
  3. Although China is seeing a decline in corn production this year the article stated that there is not likely to be a large impact on prices globally. Why is this? 
  4. What has corn production (decline or growth) looked like since 2010? As a result to this what has the Chinese government done for farmers in China? Should the government continue this practice? Explain all of your responses.

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