Thursday, May 22, 2014

United States & European Union Trade Deal

Currently their are negotiations taking place with the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the European Union and the United States. If this trade deal is accepted this could be financially beneficial for both. However, they are hitting some snags and GMO's, food labels, and limits on US beef imports are at the center of the conversation. British farmers are showing great concerns as they do not want the imports to come in and undercut their current prices. There are many other issues and sides addressed in the articles below. I encourage you to look over the articles then discuss with others!

Article on Farming Divisions with TTIP

TTIP Information from the United States

TTIP Information from the European Commission

Discussion Questions

  1. If the TTIP is agreed upon what could this do to markets and jobs in both the European Union and United States?
  2. Who do you feel will have to compromise more in regards to the agriculture issues mentioned in the above article and why?
  3. The TTIP talks have been going on for awhile now. What do you see as the time table and justify?

Ag Education Challenge

Divide students into two different groups (may have to do several times depending on class sizes). Assign one group to represent the EU and the other the US. Have the two separate groups research their respective sides and beliefs for TTIP as is relates to agriculture. Have mock discussion and see if the class can come up with an agreement for the TTIP. Make sure each groups points are rooted in facts and data. Students may want to prepare an outline for use during mock trade talks.

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