Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tell Your Story!

Infographics are a popular way of sharing information. They are showing up all over social media from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest. They inform, start conversations, make you think, or tell a story. Here are a few simple ones that I came across. After looking them over check out the challenge below!

Ag Education Challenge:

Now is the time to tell your story. In groups of 3-4 create Agriculture Infographics to share in your school/community. The key is to use visuals to help explain your information. If you are having trouble coming up with topic ideas below is a list. Think outside the box! Don't limit yourself to this list.

Possible Topics

  • Global Agriculture
  • Feeding the World
  • GMO Facts and Myths
  • Agriculture Commodities
  • Women in Agriculture
  • Agriculture Employment
  • Agriculture and the Environment
  • Family Farms
  • Agriculture Practices
Now it's time to get to work! Tell your story!

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