Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"This Castle is 3,500 Years Old!"

This morning was filled with diplomatic visits. We started the morning off by joining Minster of Agriculture, Memli Krasniqi, to discuss agriculture in more depth (see photo below). He was able to explain where they currently stand and where he would like things to go. From their Memli took us for visits with the Speaker of the Parliament, Kari Veseli, and then Prime Minister Isa Mustafa.

Following our meetings it was time for lunch at the beautiful Soma restaurant. This allowed us time to visit and explore partnerships within agriculture between Kosovo and Iowa. After Lunch we traveled to the town of Prizren and visited ABI. ABI processes fruits, vegetables, and dairy products. We enjoyed learning more about their operation and then touring their facilities. They process 72 different fruit and vegetable products and 32 different dairy products.

We then stayed in Prizren to visit the Albanian museum and explore the Prizren Castle. The Prizren Castle has some original features and is being restored, as well, in some areas that have deteriorated. They have been able to date some of the castle structure back to 1500 B.C.  This was a remarkable structure and gave a great view of the city below.

We traveled back to Pristina for a reception hosted by the American Chamber in Kosovo. This allowed time for networking with Kosovars. Following the reception we made our way to a beautiful restaurant for dinner and conversations. Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring in Kosovo!

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