Friday, May 12, 2017

Silos in Afghanistan

In developing countries there are often solutions that can be introduced that seem "simple" to the developed world. Things that we take for granted can be life changing to developing countries. An example of this is when we shared in season fertilizer practices with our partner university in Haiti. By using fertilizer sources available to them and the concept of in season fertilizers yields tripled in one year. Below is a video from the FAO that shares how a silo project in Afghanistan is positively impacting agriculture. Watch the short video (under two minutes) linked below and utilize the discussion points to guide your conversations around the globe.

Silos for Afghanistan 

Discussion Points

  • Explain the silo project implemented in Afghanistan.
  • How has this project benefited farmers and citizens of Afghanistan?
  • Why is it key that this project utilized locals to create the silos?
  • This project was tabbed "a simple solution to food and seed loss." What are other "simple solutions" that you can think of that could improve agriculture in developing countries? What are the possible benefits and negatives of your potential solution? What are potential challenges facing your solution and how would you overcome them?


delara hadi said...

***شرکت نوين گيت***

با سالها سابقه در طراحي ،اجرا و خدمات سيستمهاي درب اتوماتيک و راهبند
فروش،نصب و راه اندازي و خدمات انواع درب اتوماتيک (درب سکشنال - کرکره اتوماتيک - کرکره پنجره - درب ريلي اتوماتيک - جک پارکينگي - کرکره شفاف - رول گيتر - انواع راهبند و درب اتوماتيک شيشه اي... )
خدمات 24 ساعته و شبانه روزي حتي در تعطيلات رسمي
مشاوره رايگان در تمامي مراحل

Unknown said...

The silos in Afghanistan help protect their feed from mice or falling out of gunny sacks. Before the silos could protect from wind, mice, or gravity, these elements would force the farmers to give up some of their profit. The silos also help the tinsmiths, they are paid to build the silos which helps the economy, in return the farmers have more protection for their crops.

Safrancis said...

The Silos in Afghanistan were extremely beneficial to the people of Afghanistan because they were able to prevent feed loss. Earlier when the feed was kept in gunny bags, feed would fall out or mice would get in and eat it. The silos prevent both of this and keeps the feed contained and clean.

brent said...

The silos benefited the farmers because it helped prevent seed loss and helped the citizens because tin workers had projects to work on and keep them busy.

paadams said...

Silos in Afghanistan are extremely useful to them, before they had silos they kept their grain and feed in bags. Eventually those would get hole in them and they would lose grain or mice would get through them and eat the grain and feed. With these silos, it prevents the feed or grain from getting bad, or losing a majority of their feed/grain.

Devon said...

i like it that they made steel silo to keep the grain save from mices and other creaters form get to it

Cayce said...

i think this will benifit the country because it will help keep the food fresh and good to eat

laroyer said...

The Silos in Afghanistan were very beneficial to the people of Afghanistan because they were able to prevent feed loss. Feed earlier was kept in gunny bags and that would cause the feed to fall out causing mice to get in their and eat it. The silos prevents this and helps keep the feed cleaned.

BV said...

They made steel silos so that criters that carry diseases wont infect the grain.

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