Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rainout Shelters Provide Droughts

Linked below we highlight technology being developed by a group in Australia to assist researchers with plant breeding and developing drought tolerant varieties. While rainout shelters are not a new technology these from Australia have some new features that make them unique. Look over the linked article and take advantage of the discussion points below to guide your conversations.

Rain Out, Research In

Discussion Points

  • Explain the purpose of rainout shelters and why they are important.
  • What benefits do these new rainout shelters from Australia have over traditional rainout shelters?
  • Why is it important to test new varieties in the field and not exclusively in greenhouses?
  • These rainout shelters provide an environment for great research and the varieties being developed provide great promise. What challenges still face getting these newly developed varieties to the farmers around the world that need them? How can these challenges be overcome?

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