Thursday, October 13, 2016

Inspiring Day Two at The World Food Prize

It was a great second and full day at The World Food Prize in Des Moines, Iowa. As yesterday, we will highlight key points from various sessions and presentations throughout the day. We encourage you to reflect on the points below and entertain discussion with others around the globe!

Borlaug-Rockefeller: Inspiring the Next Generation

  • Instead of buying machinery we need an Uber for farm equipment in developing countries.
  • Sending out technology without training is a waste.
  • We must improve teamwork to move forward in agriculture. The human species must work better together.
Presentation form Kellogg Company
  • One in nine people globally are hungry.
  • We will need 70% more food by 2050.
  • We must work with farmers on climate smart practices, increased yields, and sustainability.
Presentation from Hormel Foods
Hormel highlighted the work they are doing in Guatemala with project Spammy. Spammy is a fortified poultry (turkey) spread providing needed vitamins and minerals to diets. Spammy is a product that can be spread onto and cooked into many dishes. It took many strong partners working together to achieve this success.

Keynote Address from the World Bank Group
  • 156 million children under the age of five are stunted worldwide.
  • Only half of three to six year olds have access to pre-primary education.
  • Investing in young children supports economic growth.
  • Made a call for smart policies, scientific innovation, and political will.
Presentation from DuPont
  • Individuals are much more likely to suffer chronic diseases throughout like if undernourished in younger years.
  • The focus should not just be on calories.
  • Small holder farmers are critical to food security.
Weathering the Storms: Progress and Challenges for Agriculture and Food Security in Asia and Latin America
  • We have a huge opportunity with data. We now have lots of data. The key is how we use it.
  • There have been many benefits of more exported agriculture products including improved food safety and quality around the world. With exports all are held to a higher standard.
  • No country on it's own can be food secure and nutritious with what it produces.
Keynote Address: H.E. Akinwumi A. Adesina
  • Don't just focus on filling the stomach, but filling the body with nutrition.
  • Stunted children today leads to a stunted economy tomorrow.
  • Access to food in the right quantity and quality is every human's right.
Presentation from Syngenta Seeds
  • Good growth plan is needed
    • More food, less waste
    • More biodiversity, less degradation
    • More health, less poverty
  • If you can measure it, you can manage it. If you can manage it, you can improve it.
  • Open access to information is key.
Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack Address
  • We need to develop a greater respect for science.
  • In the U.S. we need to better recognize the role of women in agriculture.
  • In U.S. 30% of farmers income comes from trade and exports. Trade is essential to agriculture.
It was another spectacular day with many great connections made! We look forward to the third and final day of the Borlaug Dialogue on Friday.

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