Thursday, September 1, 2016

African Agricultural Development

Recently the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations held a side event at the Tokyo International Conference on African Development that highlighted agriculture development as a key tool in providing peace and resolve to conflicted areas in Africa. Read the linked article summarizing this event below and utilize the discussion points provided to spark conversations around the globe!

No Peace Without Freedom From Want

Discussion Points

  • The director of the FAO emphasized the importance of agriculture development in keeping peace and resolving conflict. How would you justify this statement (how does agriculture do this)?
  • Why is the UN so focused on bringing peace to this area (what percentage of UN peacekeeping missions take place in this area)?
  • What successes have been seen in the Democratic Republic of Congo in regards to agriculture development? Do you believe these success can be duplicated throughout Africa? Explain your reasoning.
  • Explain what the Initiative for Food and Nutrition Security in Africa is focused on. In your mind what needs to be done to make sure this initiative is successful?
  • Why do you believe Tokyo would be so interested in African development?

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