Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Reflecting on Haiti

We had a spectacular week in Haiti working with students of all ages sharing our passion for agriculture! We were able to work with students at the elementary and university to promote and improve agriculture practices. We continue to see growth and potential with Haitian agriculture. We built upon the practices we shared last year. To keep things moving forward we are scheduling frequent internet conferencing meetings to provide education for both sides throughout the year and keep things moving forward. We are, also, excited to partner with UCCC to provide a conference for farmers across Haiti in 2017! Below is a picture of the 2016 team.

On the way home we had time in the Dallas airport to reflect on our time in Haiti. I asked each participant the one big thing that stuck out at them and will share the responses now:

Dalton emphasized that there is so much potential. They have so much knowledge and skills they just need guidance and encouragement to apply it.

Mitch enjoyed picking up the relationships that were started last year and building those relationships while forging new friendships.

Kayla was excited to see how religion is such a big part of their culture and intertwines with all they do including agriculture.

Alex was impressed by the knowledge the professors share and seeing the opportunities for applied learning they have before them.

Julie was inspired by the excitement and potential of the medical and agriculture students working together to improve health through agriculture.

Kyle looks forward to staying connected over the next year to move projects forward and keep improving.

Meghan was provided the opportunity to learn about agricultural practices with limited resources. She loved educating Haitians with even more ways to use under utilized resources to improve soil health for a more bountiful food supply.

I (Brad) am excited about the Haiti Ag Summit and potential to share agriculture with a larger group in Haiti to keep moving things forward.

You can see this experience had a great impact both on the students and faculty in Haiti as well as with our group from the Global Agriculture Learning Center at Hawkeye Community College. We cannot wait to see what the future holds!

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