Sunday, March 15, 2015

Waterfalls and Bazaar

Somehow we got lucky today, we had rain on our roughly 3 hour bus ride to Pirenopolis and again on the way to Goiania, but had beautiful weather while at Pirenopolis.

Pirenopolis is a city with many small shops and restaurants but for us the main attraction was the hiking and waterfalls. We hiked approximately half a mile seeing 7 waterfalls along the way. Much of the terrain is rocky, some is very steep with small plank or tree trunk bridges to cross the springs. Once at the very top there is a large waterfall and swimming area. The water comes from natural springs so it is COLD. The adrenaline rush for many of the students (and faculty) was jumping off one of the two ledges into the pool below. The higher ledge is about 20 meters to the water surface. Many students jumped from both ledges multiple times, enjoying every minute of our time there. If you didn't want to jump you could enjoy the nice weather and cold but clear water. We ate lunch in Pirenopolis and spent a little time looking into the shops.

After checking into our hotel in Goiania we walked down to the Saturday night street bazaar. There was a huge selection of food vendors and shops selling a variety of goods. Students enjoyed large amounts of food and a few made purchases. It was a great way to end the day! global-agriculture-learning-center-logo.jpg

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