Thursday, September 18, 2014

African Agriculture Challenges

Below I have provided a link to a short video that shares issues facing farmers in Africa. This video created by USAID is packed with information in a video that shows in less than two minutes. I encourage you to watch the video and discuss the questions below with classmates, peers, co-workers, and friends.

Discussion Questions

  1. What one piece of information stood out to you or caught your attention and why?
  2. What are the major issues facing farmers in Africa?
  3. What things were mentioned as needed for improvement?
  4. It's easy to say "this can be solved," but what steps or actions do you see need to be taken in order for farmers to be successful and see improvement with their crops? 

Further Ag Ed Challenge: 

Take the last question, from above, a step farther:
  1. Have groups of students develop a plan to improve agriculture in Africa. 
  2. Have students present their solutions to the class as if they were presenting to a governing organization that would be funding the best proposal. 
  3. Have students vote on the top proposal not allowing them to vote for their own.

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