Tuesday, August 26, 2014


"Quente" is a good way to describe today. "Quente" is the Portuguese word for hot and today lived up to that. Although the temperatures rose throughout the day the heat could not bring us down! It was another fantastic day exploring agriculture.

Brazilians visiting with Ben the owner of Blue Diamond Farming Company.

We kicked things off Monday morning with a tour to Wapsie Pines. Wapsie Pines has long been known for their bedding plants and nursery, but recently started up an aquaponics operation. They raise talapia fish in the green house and then utilize the waste and nutrients from the fish to feed the plants the minerals and nutrients they need through a closed system.

After concluding at Wapsie Pines we traveled to John Deere Engine Works to see first hand the process of building an engine. Following John Deere we stopped for lunch before making our way to the Blue Diamond Farming Company. This is a farm that has grown since it's start with the Riensche family in the mid 1800's. We were able to crunch numbers and production practices followed by inspection of the equipment and the new grain handling facility.

Next we found time for a quick tour of the Hawkeye Community College Farm Lab. We wrapped up the evening with a great dinner at Pepper's and visiting with friends!

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